Moondrift Gallery


Moondrift Gallery is now located at Etsy . Most of the digital Photographs and Paintings for this website have been provided with permission by ~ Award Winning Canadian Artist, Marilyn A. Boyle



Photographic Design Ltd. Steve Voth, MPA. 
journeyusa Brandon Bays
thework Byron Katie
consciouscompany Kevin Billet
gabrielsgifts Gabriel's Gifts- Cards that see from our animals point of view.


Recommended Reading

The Journey by Brandon Bays

"The Journey" by Brandon Bays

Loving What Is by Byron Katie

"Loving What Is" by Byron Katie



Here are some upcoming events:


"My session with Doug was dramactic. I learned that the way through my childhood trauma was to face what happened and not to run from it anymore. Doug helped me realize the truth, make peace inside me and forgive those who hurt me in the past."
- Jim's Concious Coaching Session